de Linnenpoort


de Linnenpoort

It all began with a passion…

Having old linen tablecloths from my grandmother is very precious to me. It also made me collect other linen over the years. Now I try to pass my passion on to you.
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Old table cloths

“Damast” woven, beautiful rare pieces from the early 1900’s. Some used, others still new in pure linen. We also offer a collection of coloured table cloths with retro design.

Hand towels

In pure linen, also in “Damast” weaving. With a design in art deco, Jugndstil. Use of natural colours woven in the towels. The quality is pure and exclusive. These can also be used as table cloths and tapestry.

Mangle cloths

These are rare and difficult to find. They were used to protect the linen when using the mangle. The wealthier, the more beautiful the mangle cloth. Some are telling the story of washing and mangling of household linen.

Tapestry made in the city of Oudenaarde

Oudenaarde was known in the 16th - 17th century as an important centre of weavers of wall tapestry. The specialty was the use of green colours in woods and landscapes called Verdures. You can find these all over the world in castles, museums, monasteries, …


Oudenaarde was known as “Petis Bruges”, because of it’s resemblance to Bruges in the 1900’s. It was a favorite destination of English painters. “de Linnenpoort” is located in a historical buildings.
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